You can make a difference. God Belongs In My City is our declaration of Faith. As Christ came and changed the world, we as Christians need to impact our city now. There is a call to fearlessly rise up as one and not collapse under the waves of this world. We are commissioned to carry forth the Gospel of Salvation!

two ways in which you can support our declaration of faith…



There is no cost to participate in the GBIMC-Jax prayer walk, it’s FREE. However, we would love to keep an accurate account of participants and in order to do so, we are asking that every participant take a moment to register. Your registration information will be use for the sole purpose of sharing  GBIMC- Jax gathering's programming information. 

After completing your registration please stand with us in an act of solidarity by ordering your GBIMC T-shirt.       

Spread the Word

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to be part of GBIMC 2019! We are counting on people like YOU, who have been impacted by the vision & movement to spread the word among your friends, bible study group, church, and coworkers.¸

Use your voice to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Download the Digital Promo Pack below!