Why Jacksonville?

W h o  w e   a r e :                       

For 8 consecutive years, the Jacksonville believers have marched declaring that God Belongs In My City prayer walk. The first march gathered over six hundreds people. The event was a complete success with believers represented from countless denominations, uniting to speak with their lives that Jacksonville is worth praying for. Each year the number of participants continues to grow. We know that there is a war raging for the hearts and souls of those in our city. We must take a stand for righteous and justice to prevail. Come and join the prayer march, be a active participant of what God wants to do here in our city. Amazingly this fire spreading to other cities and nations. 

To date, we have seen over 85 metropolitan cities join across the U.S. and march together, declaring:



In late October of 2009, a youth group passionate for God in New York City saw an Atheist advertisement campaign in their subway system which stated, “A Million New Yorkers Are Good without God, Are You?” They were so stirred up by this that they went to their Youth Pastor who then went to his network of Youth Pastors/leaders to ask, “What are we, as the body of Christ going to do about this?” They prayed and decided to take action and have Youth Ministries from all around the 5 boroughs hold a prayer walk wearing a simple T-shirt which stated “God Belongs in My City“. In less than 2 weeks, on November 14th, 2009, over 1,500 youth walked from North and South of Manhattan meeting at Times Square and Grand Central Station making a bold statement that made history in the city and now the nation. Since then, major large cities in the United States have hosted this event.

Love God, love people. That’s how we are going to change the world.
— Daniel Sanabria, Co-Founder God Belongs In My City

Our Vision

To unite churches & all believers alike under one banner to pray and take a spiritual stand for our cities.         

        Our Mission

To bring all believers together one day during the year and March and pray for the hope or our city. This is done through organizing a massive prayer walk in the city, wearing "God Belongs in my city" T-shirts as a show of solidarity, and a gathering of all Christians in a community of prayer. 

Learn more on the details of this Year 2019 prayer walk. 9th annual prayer walk


  • The spiritual impact that a body of believers can have in a city.

  • The message of unity GBIMC brings to all the christian communities.

  • Bringing fellowship among the city's churches.

  • The Godly witness it presents to other young christian believers.

Here are several ways, we have seen the prayer walk directly impact a group, a church, an organization:

  • Helping churches mobilize it's people to be more evangelistic.

  • Seeing christians from different denominations coming together under one banner. Providing motivation and inspiration to the believers so they too can get involved.